Former Trump Official: Russia May Have Had Access to Hacked Government Networks For Years

Former Trump Official: Russia May Have Had

( – On December 12, the National Security Council held a meeting at the White House to discuss a cyberattack on multiple federal departments, including Treasury and Commerce. According to reports, the attacks began as early as March. A former Trump official thinks it may have been going on for much longer.

Former Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert penned a New York Times op-ed and said he thinks Russian hackers may have had access to government networks for years. He said that “persistent access” could have given them the ability to “destroy or alter data.” Bossert went on to say it was a national security breach of which the “magnitude” is “hard to overstate.”

It should be noted this is all speculation on Bossert’s part. He’s no longer involved in the government, so he doesn’t know the extent of the security breach. The federal government hasn’t even confirmed Russia is responsible for the attack. The Trump administration is currently investigating the crime.

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