Former Wisconsin Judge Claims There’s Intimidation From the Democrats in the Court System

Former Wisconsin Judge Claims There's Intimidation From the Democrats in the Court System

( – Wisconsin is one of the states where President Donald Trump has been fighting the election results. On December 14, the state Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit brought by his legal team. A former judge on the president’s legal team thinks he knows why the courts keep refusing to rule in Trump’s favor.

On December 16, James Troupis spoke to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. During the session about voting irregularities, he said he thinks the “court system has been deeply intimidated by the Left,” and that’s why the president hasn’t received favorable rulings.

Troupis said he thinks lawyers are facing the same kind of intimidation as judges, and that’s why so many law firms have refused to take up election fraud cases. He explained “cancel culture” is making it difficult to get justice.

That may be true, but at what point does the legal system have a responsibility to stand up and prevent this perceived injustice?

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