Fox News Accidentally Aired This Hoax

Fox News Accidentally Aired This Hoax

( – Culture wars are nothing new in the US. They’ve been going on for years. Some of the most iconic movies in the last 40 years, like “Dirty Dancing,” were about changes to the culture and the pushback against them. Recently, those wars have bled over into some of America’s favorite treats, and that led to an embarrassing mistake for Fox News.

The drama started when M&Ms decided to rebrand their candy, making their spokes-candies more inclusive. The decision from the brand caused outrage on the Right. The company was accused of bending to the “woke” crowd. On January 23, M&Ms announced they were going to pause the use of their spokes-candies. Instead, Maya Rudolph would take their position.

Of course, M&M parent company Mars admitted to the New York Times that this move was merely a PR stunt ahead of an ad campaign they will run during Super Bowl LVII.

A&W Restaurants saw what was going on with M&Ms and made an announcement of its own. The company released a statement on Twitter, announcing a change to its mascot Rooty the Great Root Bear. No longer was the bear just going to wear an orange A&W sweatshirt without any pants.

The company said that going forward, they were going to put their mascot in jeans. They joked that their “mascot’s lack of pants” was “polarizing.”

Fox Business ran a segment calling the non-decision by A&W the “woke police.”

Fox Business also ran a story on its website with a title slamming A&W, entitled: “FUR COAT AND NO KNICKERS: A&W Root Beer is the latest company bowing to woke.” The article and the segment lead to another statement from the restaurants; this time, they laughed about the drama and said that it was just a joke.

The media company responded to the clarification from the company by changing its article’s title to ensure readers knew it was all a joke. The rest of America just watched it all unfold with second-hand embarrassment.

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