Fox News Faces Another Legal Disaster

Fox News Faces Another Legal Disaster

( – Fox News is currently fighting against a lawsuit brought by controversial tech company Dominion Voting Systems. Now, the network has a new problem. One of its own former producers has filed two suits of her own against Fox — and she’s launching a publicity blitz to crank up the pressure.

On March 31, Fox News fired producer Abby Grossberg. Grossberg had worked for popular hosts Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson, but she was suspended on March 20 after filing two lawsuits against the network that ties into its ongoing legal battle against Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion wants $1.6 billion in damages over alleged defamation by Fox after the 2020 general election; the company claims Fox didn’t challenge stories of fraud linked to its voting machines and software. In September, Grossberg testified on the network’s behalf — but her suits claim Fox coerced her into giving that testimony.

Fox denies the allegation; a spokesman said her claims are “patently false.” They added that Grossman was fired because she wasn’t authorized to release “privileged information” that’s listed in her suits. Fox says Grossman was warned that she’d be terminated if she released that information, but went ahead and did it anyway. Fox counter-filed against her in an attempt to protect its information, but dropped that suit after it was released anyway.

On March 27, Grossman filed new papers complaining that she’s been subjected to retaliation by Fox. She claims there was a “concerted effort” by the network’s lawyers to manipulate her testimony in their favor. Meanwhile, Fox says Grossman only decided to change her testimony after receiving a negative performance review. Grossman denies any connection and is also alleging that the working environment on both Bartiromo and Carlson’s shows is “horrific” and “misogynistic.” Now, she plans to speak to NBC to give her version of the story — but Fox says that version is “riddled with false allegations” and promises to fight it vigorously.

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