Fox News Owner’s History of Firings Form a Pattern

Fox News Owner's History of Firings Form a Pattern
  • Fox News fired Tucker Carlson.
  • The network has a long history of getting rid of its top talent.
  • Fox has not explained why Carlson was fired.
  • More than 3 million viewers watched Carlson nightly.

( – Fox News is the highest-rated cable news network in the country. Millions of Americans tune into its stations every day to see what’s happening in the world and listen to the opinions of their favorite commentators. The network was seen as being instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected president in 2016.

Over the years, the network has had some really big stars grace its news desks — and it has fired all of its most popular stars.

Tucker Carlson’s Show Ended

On Monday, April 24, Fox News announced it had parted ways with Tucker Carlson, its most popular host. The conservative firebrand pulled in more than 3 million viewers every night. He was the most-watched cable news host on television for years. Still, that didn’t stop Rupert Murdoch’s company from firing him.

In the days since Carlson was let go, nobody has explained why it happened. Sure, he’d had issues in the past, but he was still dominating the industry. Among Conservatives, he was absolutely beloved. The reality is, this was not the first, or even the second or third time, the company fired someone who was highly successful.

Field of Pink Slips

Bill O’Reilly was the top-rated cable news host for almost two decades. Like Carlson, he brought in millions of nightly viewers. Then, in 2017, he was fired. After a series of sexual harassment claims, the network decided that he was a liability and let him go.

O’Reilly denied the claims against him and later went on a tour with former President Trump after he left office.

In 2011, Fox News also parted ways with its wildly popular host, Glenn Beck. At his show’s peak, more than 3 million viewers were tuning in daily. They watched as he used his chalkboard to take them on a trip into his thoughts. But his large audience didn’t save him in the end.

Dan Bongino and Lou Dobbs, and others were all popular hosts who lost their shows on the network. In 2016, Roger Ailes, the man who is credited with making Fox News a household name, was also forced out of the company after sexual assault allegations were made public.

Though the network had reason to fire some of those mentioned, it shows a pattern: nobody’s job is safe at Fox, not even the biggest stars.

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