French Court Targets Google in Major Decision

French Court Targets Google in Major Decision
  • Google lost the fight to pay French publishers for use of copyrighted material. 
  • Big Tech platforms in the US are under fire for censorship. 
  • Facebook removed multiple Conservative pages and accounts recently. 
  • Instagram announced changes to its platform. 

( – In the US, Big Tech has been getting a lot of criticism for its decisions to censor Americans. According to Conservatives, they’re regularly targeted by Google, Facebook, and other social media companies. But, people in our country aren’t the only ones who take issue with the way the companies operate.

French Court

On October 8, a French appeals court ruled Google has to pay news organizations to use their copyrighted content. The US tech company has fought against paying the media companies, saying they’re benefiting because their articles pop up on Google’s search engine, which then drives traffic to their sites.

Now that the ruling is in, Google said reaching an agreement with French publishers is a “priority.” The company is also set to pay $1 billion to other media companies across the globe for the use of their copyrighted material, as well.


On October 6, Instagram announced changes to its platform. The company said it would begin hiding “potentially offensive” comments in an attempt to prevent bullying. It’s not going to actually remove the comments, however. Users will be able to “View Hidden Comments.”

The company is also going to send users “nudge warnings” to let them know they’re about to post an offensive comment.

Facebook’s Q Crackdown

Facebook was in the news, as well. The company decided to crackdown on the conservative QAnon group. Groups and members were purged from the platform.

Facebook said it removed more than 1,500 pages and groups to start, and they’d be continuing their purge.

Americans are going to have to make some tough decisions about these companies sooner or later. Is it right that they hold so much power?

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