Fresh Dems Call for Fresh Face on Impeachment

Fresh Dems Call for Fresh Face on Impeachment

As the impeachment movement heads towards the Senate for a hearing, Democrats are skeptical of its chances of passing the next phase of Congressional hearings. Currently, the Senate is controlled by Republicans who have, essentially, unanimously sworn to side with Trump. If nothing changes between now and the Senate hearing, it’s highly likely Trump will remain in office.

Some younger Dems are considering a change in tactics to improve the impeachment movement’s odds of success.

A plan is being hatched to nominate Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) as the next impeachment manager. Amash was previously a Republican and currently identifies as a Libertarian, making him more palatable towards conservatives. The idea is that Amash would appeal to more senators on the Right as there aren’t many Libertarians allied with the Democrats.

If Democrats can appeal more towards a centrist, bipartisan notion of support for impeachment, rather than the almost exclusively Democratic notion, the articles of impeachment might pass the Senate.

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