From Identity Theft to a Stolen Home – The Tragedy Never Ends

( – A neighbor contacted Reverend Mike Hall in August 2021 about something happening at his house in the United Kingdom. He rushed to the residence to find it cleaned out and stripped of all of its furnishings. As it turned out, it had been sold without his knowledge or permission. Now, he’s won his home back, but it came with unwanted guests.

After two years of fighting, Hall recently won back his home, which he purchased in 1990. It turns out that a man stole Hall’s identity, even obtaining a driver’s license, and then began impersonating him. The trickster set up a bank account and sold the home. The proceeds from the sale went into his account. After Hall’s story made the news, other people came forward to share similar experiences of their homes being sold out from under them.

Hall disputed the sale with the Land Registry, giving the agency the details of the fraud. Finally, after two years, he received the title to his house back. The agency compensated the person who purchased the home. All seemed to be going in the right direction. But Hall visited the house with a builder so he could make plans for it and noticed a window at the back was broken. The lock on the front door was also destroyed.

According to Hall, squatters moved into the house and caused about £60,000 (over $73,000 USD) worth of damage. The Bedfordshire Police told him to go to the courts to get an interim possession order, which would allow them to arrest the two people occupying his home illegally. Those in the home claimed they had a rental agreement that allowed them to live there.

So, after two years of fighting, Hall is once again going to have to wage a battle to get his house back.

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