Gen Z Is Driving a Jazz Renaissance

( – Generation Z are the new millennials. They are blamed for all of the problems, including cancel culture. Now, some people are crediting Zoomers with a revival of jazz music.

Pinterest has issued its latest prediction report, and it has some surprises in it. The social media platform has more than 480 million users. It analyzes the billions of searches people make on its website, then uses a predictive methodology to find patterns and predict what people will be interested in the following year.

Axios reported the social media site claims to have an 80% success rate with its trends. Pinterest believes Gen Zers and millennials will start listening to more vintage jazz this year. Artists like Laufey have seen a surge in their audiences in recent years. Laufey received a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album this year. When she went on tour, her concerts almost instantly sold out.

David Kunian, a music curator for the New Orleans Jazz Museum, said that the genre has never been something young people listen to. However, he said New Orleans’ music is unique, and it’s everywhere these days, so younger kids are starting to pick it up. He also explained that jazz is synonymous with rebellion, and it’s easy to adapt it into other genres, making it even more popular.

Laufey told Vogue that she is “making music for Gen Z.” She has built her audience on Instagram and TikTok, apps that are wildly popular with Zoomers. She also said that jazz standards often “have very casual language of that day,” and she writes “the casual language of [her] day.”

The rising popularity of jazz music might shock some because a decade ago it was dubbed the “least-popular genre in the US” by Jazzline, citing a Nielsen report. Generation Z has apparently decided they’re bringing it back with the ferocity they brought back mom jeans.

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