George Santos Refused To Answer a Big Question From Reporters

George Santos Refused To Answer a Big Question From Reporters

( – Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has dominated headlines almost daily for nearly the entire first month of his first term. Negative story after negative story has flashed across screens across the country. After filing new financial disclosures with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the congressman refused to answer important questions.

In 2020, Santos ran for office and lost. During that time, he was reportedly experiencing financial troubles. Less than two years later, he ran for Congress and claimed he donated $700,000 to his own campaign. That, on top of suspicious charges in the disclosures, led some to question his finances.

On January 24, Santos amended his financial filings with the FEC. He unchecked the box that stated the funds were “personal funds of the candidate.” The suspicious circumstances led to an investigation by Mother Jones. The organization released a report alleging there was no record of more than a dozen campaign donors who were listed on financial disclosures even existing. One of Santos’ relatives who were listed as donating said they were “dumbfounded” because they never gave him any money for his campaign, let alone the $5,800 the congressman attributed to them.

Manu Raju, a reporter for CNN, asked the congressman about two other donors who claimed he defrauded them. Santos refused to answer any of the questions.

In addition to the troubles with donors, the man listed as his treasurer on the FEC paperwork, Thomas Datwyler, has told reporters that he does not work for Santos. Additionally, he told ABC News that someone signed his name on the documents without his consent. Datwyler is reportedly waiting for guidance from the FEC as to how he should proceed.

Santos has said he will recuse himself from any congressional committees moving forward. Many Republicans have called on him to resign, but he has resisted those calls thus far.

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