Giuliani Denies Allegations That He Asked For Pardon (REPORT)

Rudy Giuliani Denies Claims of Trump Pardon (REPORT)

( – There’s been a lot of talk about presidential pardons over the last week. The media is trying to convince the public that President Donald Trump plans to pardon multiple people in his inner circle including himself, his kids, and possibly Rudy Giuliani.

On Wednesday, December 2, after he spoke to lawmakers in Michigan, Giuliani was asked about reports that he asked Trump to pardon him before the end of his first term in January. The president’s attorney laughed at the question and denied he ever asked for one.

Keep in mind, Giuliani has not been accused or convicted of a crime. Neither have any of the president’s family members or close White House advisers. Despite those very important facts, the media and Democrats want the American people to believe everyone in Trump’s inner circle is begging for pardons. The entire notion is absurd, but that won’t stop them from spreading the nonsense.

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