Global Child Abuse Ring Busted

Global Child Abuse Ring Busted

( – Ridding the world of offenders who hurt children is a top priority for most governments, particularly those in developed nations. Former President Donald Trump put a lot of federal law enforcement resources into that effort. One of the international investigations that began while he was in office has now paid off.

On Wednesday, March 2, New Zealand officials announced the end of a two-year investigation into a global child abuse ring. The country led the multi-national probe, which included the US and 10 other nations, after discovering a secret global network sharing images of children being sexually abused.

Operation H began in 2019, and authorities looked into roughly 90,000 online accounts. According to authorities, police arrested 46 offenders in New Zealand, 450 in the UK, 117 in Australia, and others across the world. Law enforcement also saved 153 kids, including 4 in America, 79 in the UK, 12 in Canada, 6 in New Zealand, 1 in Europe, and 51 in Australia.

A British official told The New York Times that COVID-19 lockdowns provided a rich environment for predators because children were isolated and at home. The criminal probe provided even more proof that the mandates and lockdowns were incredibly dangerous. Worryingly, many of the perpetrators who were uncovered worked in “positions of trust” as health care professionals, primary school employees, people in law enforcement, and even religious officials.

Authorities say the work to take predators off of the streets is ongoing.

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