Google Maps Driver Leads Officers on 100-Plus MPH Chase

( – Google hires people across the world to drive around in a vehicle with a 360-degree camera mounted to the top of it. The purpose is to map the streets so people can get a realistic view of neighborhoods and cities. One of those drivers recently took authorities on a wild chase in Indiana.

On July 31, Middletown Police Chief Landon J. Dean saw a vehicle passing several other cars while traveling on US 36. A press release stated the chief estimated the vehicle was traveling at speeds over 100 mph. He noticed the car had 360-degree cameras mounted on an antenna on the car for Google Mapping.

The police chief caught up to the vehicle while it was still traveling over 100 mph. The driver refused to stop for the officer, even running a red light. Eventually, the driver had to detour because a bridge was out. They lost control of the car, drove through a yard, and ended up in a creek, where it got stuck. Law enforcement arrested the driver.

The driver allegedly had a Florida driver’s license identifying him as Coleman Ferguson. He was charged with a level 6 felony, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle.

Ferguson reportedly told the police that he worked for Google. He said he was afraid to stop for the police chief.

A Google spokesperson told the SF Gate that its company relies on contractors to drive the Street View vehicles and map cities. They went on to say they “take the safety of [the] Street View operations very seriously,” and they are working with their contractors and the police “to ensure proper actions are taken to address this situation.”

Street View fans likely won’t see the police chase live on the Google site. The process for putting the images online is extensive. The company goes through the pictures looking for illegal activity and blurring faces.

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