Google to Unveil New Privacy Rule That Could End Facebook

Google to Unveil New Privacy Rule That Could End Facebook

( – After the 2016 election, Americans learned Facebook (now Meta) had compromised their data. In the years since, people have become incredibly concerned about how big tech companies are using the information they gather about them. It led to some serious changes for Apple, and now Google is jumping on the privacy train.

On February 16, Google announced it’s developing new replacements for its advertising ID that focuses on user privacy. The ID is a string of characters that identify a person’s Android device, like smartphones, which helps companies track the users and share information gathered from their online activity. According to experts, the change will impact Meta because companies have largely depended on social media and other apps to collect data.

In 2021, Apple made a similar change for its devices. Meta has said those changes made last year will decrease their sales by roughly $10 billion. That caused the company’s market cap to lose $232 million in one day.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature reduces the ability of companies to target users by limiting advertising companies from accessing their identifiers.

When Google rolls out its changes, it could be a death blow to Meta.

How do you feel about the changes Google is making?

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