GOP Fights to Secure Elections

GOP Fights to Secure Elections
  • Republicans object to mail-in voting because it leaves the elections open to fraud.
  • A judge in Pennsylvania admitted to accepting money to ballot stuff. 
  • Donald Trump called Michigan out for mailing out applications to mail-in vote. 
  • The Democratic Party maintains election fraud is almost nonexistent. 

( – The COVID-19 pandemic is leading Republicans to worry about the safety of our elections. As November nears, the Democratic Party is trying to force mail-in voting as a widespread option. The GOP, including President Donald Trump, believes that’s a recipe for disaster and they’re sounding the alarm.

Voter Fraud in the Modern Age?

Democrats in Clark County, Nevada recently sent out thousands of mail-in ballots for their June 9 primary election. Fox News did some digging after people began complaining that ballots were piling up all over town. The news organization discovered very little oversight.

The ballots were sent to inactive voters and they are “not secured at all” according to a Clark County postal worker, Jenny Trobiani. To be clear, that means anybody could pick one up, fill it out, and mail it back in. President Trump warned about it, as well.

By the way, Democrats in the state are currently suing to stop election officials from throwing out ballots with signatures that don’t match the one on file.

Ballot Stuffing

One of the most common arguments from the Left, when Republicans try to secure the elections, is “…there’s no fraud.” Let’s take a look at exhibit A.

On May 21, the Department of Justice announced the conviction of Domenick J. Demuro. The South Philadelphia election judge admitted to receiving bribes in order to stuff ballot boxes. According to reports, he added votes to the tallies in 2014, 2015, and the primary in 2016. Demuro is a Democrat.

Moving Forward

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about securing free and fair elections. That’s not hyperbole, it’s true. When Republican lawmakers pushed for voter ID laws the Left was up in arms. They claimed asking people to prove they are who they say they are at the polls is akin to forcing them to pay a poll tax. We now know they also don’t want signatures verified.

How in the world are election officials supposed to be able to tell if votes are real? Think about that and the implications if votes can’t be verified. It’s terrifying.

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  1. Did you not see this article?
    Former Philadelphia Judge of Elections Indicted for Election Fraud in Favor of Democrats;

    I can tell you that when I was a young and ignorant minority voter from NYC, I did witness election fraud at my local voting location, and do you know who was the people doing the voting fraud? Democratic minorities, specifically speaking Latinos like me, and Blacks. And this was at a voting location where there were Police Officers present, supposedly there to prevent such things from happening. This was back in the Obama-Romney elections, where there weren’t any modern type cell phones around, with the high quality video cameras available today, for me to record and present as evidence. It would had been my word against those working in my neighborhood’s voting place, (many of them who happen to be neighbors that lived in adjacent buildings), and that of the NYPD as well, all of which I’m sure would had made it quite a nightmare for me to keep residing in the neighborhood I grew up in, had I chosen to speak up against them regarding such matters.

  2. I know how the voter fraud is done in Texas, but it is aimed at keeping minorities from voting at all. The GOP in Montgomery, TX was using the DPS as a gate keeper to keep out Latinos from voting when state law forbid that. I helped out my wife’s best friend who had lost all her ID from theft, and her drivers license was out of date as well as being gone. She was registered to vote in Dallas County and submitted her change of address form. Montgomery County refused to accept her new registration because DPS did not have her listed on their data base. She had voted in ALL elections before and had not missed one! Yet Montgomery County would not let her vote. We thought that the problem had been resolved, but when she went to vote in person, she found she was NOT registered! She had her birth certificate, high school diploma, to prove her right.
    I then took her to election central, and told them that they WILL let her vote or we will be going downtown to the US attorney’s office in Houston and the FBI will be coming by shortly. They let her vote on a modified ballot. If her name had been an Anglo one, there would have been NO problem.

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