GOP Forces Congressional Attendance

GOP Forces Congressional Attendance

( – On April 22, House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D-MA) introduced a measure to temporarily allow Congress to vote remotely. The idea was to help protect lawmakers from the spread of COVID-19 and not require all of them to attend physical meetings for another 60 days. Under this policy, members of Congress would’ve been able to vote by proxy. Lawmakers, however, weren’t so sure about it and there was considerable division along partisan lines.

Democrats wanted to reduce the number of lawmakers required to be present to pass legislation. Members of Congress not attending sessions would’ve had to arrange proxy voting in advance. While this proposal may have helped shield representatives from the virus, Republicans worried that it could set a dangerous precedent.

Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) said, “We‘ve operated for 200-plus years without having proxy voting on the floor of the House.” That included the 1918 influenza pandemic and the Civil War.

Ultimately, the measure was scrapped.

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  1. If the Progressive Democrats don’t want to report to Congress to VOTE and do their job then they need to RESIGN.

    • I agree and not only resin but stop paying them if they can’t show up. How many Americans don’t get paid if they don’t come to work?

      I personally think that all Congress members ( both House and Senate) should not be paid for the next 6 months and all of that money go back into helping small businesses get up and running.
      Would like to that in the states too.

  2. This is BS. If the Progressive Democrats don’t want to report to Congress to do the job they are being paid to do, then they need to RESIGN.

  3. I totally agree with Victoria. Since the Democrats in congress haven’t done what they are paid to do, they should not be drawing a check; in fact, it’s too bad that they shouldn’t be forced to repay what they have gotten during the Trump presidency.

  4. The libs are losing votes daily. The more they knee jerk, whine, complain, pout the farther they’re distancing themselves from us independent conservative and liberal voters. Of those non-partisan liberal voters I know, none of them are willing to toss a vote towards Biden and his fellow democrats. They’re disgusted with the whole charade the dems have participated (and are STILL participating) in this election cycle. I have democrat friends and family who are most definitely voting the Republican ticket, or so they say. I vote conservative… Trump is the most conservative of the two running for POTUS. There’s not that much of a choice. Trump or no one… IMHO.

  5. Today “We The People” have those “ELECTED” Representatives within Congress who are either doing everything and anything to Bring Down and Destroy Our America and we have those others who Have No Stomach, Backbone, Courage nor Fortitude to Step Up and Aggressively Fight back Against The Dark State Socialists !!!! All such “ELECTED” Representatives Swore To Protect and Defend Our Constitution and America !!! Yet We Keep Reelecting Them, WHY ?!?!?
    Wake Up America and be Very, Very, Very careful for what and for who you vote for !!! Voting across party lines is viable in today’s Anti-American Political Environment !!!! Our Freedoms, Our Constitution and Our America is in the Coming Elections !!!!

  6. It’s not just Democrat’s that be came millionaires while in office. How come they can have insider trading ( both parties) if we did it we’d go jail. Our president is the laughing stock of this country. There should be term limits also. Get rid of all of them.

  7. Constitutionally the president can call for congress to fully convene to conduct the business of the people who elected them and if they do not respond U.S. Marshals can be sent to arrest them and, if necessary, rag them to the floor of their respective chambers….

    • He should. Sniff out the spineless, backstabbing, narcissistic, nihilistic parasites like Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer and more.

    • I agree our President needs to arrest these tyrants for their high crimes of treason. First the hot tar and feathers to brand them the traitors they are then let the hangings begin. That’s is what I would do if I where the President of the USA. I would bring back all of the old LAWS in the Constitution and fallow them to the full extent. Problem solved. Get those tyrants MR. President Trump you can do it!

  8. We’re paying these yahoos to stay home lounging in the family room watching Devilrat tapes so they either loose their pay or get off their lazy butts and get back to vote in person

    • Disgraceful that all of these members of our Gov’t are getting paid, while 100’s of Millions have lost everything they have worked for.

  9. Congress needs to either come to work and do their jobs to represent the people of the United States or RESIGN. Their pay should be suspended until this is done.

    • That’s the perfect option for them. “Do the people’s work or resign”!

      TERM LIMITS. WE NEED THEM! 12 years maximum. 6 terms as a representative, two terms as a senator or any combination of the two, NOT to exceed twelve years.

  10. Congress needs to solve problems relevant to ALL Americans and not just their personal agendas!! Of the People. By the People and For the People. Put Congress behind locked doors and don’t let them out until Medicare, Social Security, Immigration and Border Security, National Defense (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia(Oil)and Mexico(Drugs) are really addressed!! It is time for a United United States to take care of ourselves as well as positively help the free world!

  11. I pray the GOP gets control of the House which rarely happens and I pray they keep control of the Senate. I have donated a little to the GOP and wish I could donate more. I pray everyone that is behind the GOP will donate something.

    • If they don’t want to come to work, don’t pay them. The Democrat party hasn’t done anything meaningful for America for four yeas except screw up the country with their endless impeachment and Russia nonsense. Now they don’t want to come to work ! Nancy wants to stay home and eat ice cream ! They haven’t earned their paychecks. Somehow all the Democrat leaders have become millionaires. It’s time for these swamp dwellers to be held to account. .

  12. Most in Congress have no spine. They expect everyone else to work while they stay on vacation at home. Get back to work and solve problems to help the American people!! Help President Trump get the Chinese virus behind us and get our citizens back to work!!!

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