GOP Hopes Texas Triple Threat Will Pull Latinos Away From Dems

GOP Hopes Texas Triple Threat Will Pull Latinos Away From Dems

A “Seismic Shift” Just Occurred in Favor of the GOP

( – In 2013, after former President Barack Obama won re-election the year before, the Republican Party released a report detailing the party’s need to reach Latino and other minority voters. Former President Donald Trump was able to do that in the 2020 elections. Now, Conservatives in Texas are hoping a triple threat there will peel even more voters away from the Democratic Party.

On Tuesday, June 14, Mayra Flores made history when she became the first Mexican-born congresswoman-elect. She was also the first Republican to win an election to represent the Rio Grande Valley in about 150 years. Although she will only hold the seat for a couple of months until November, when she has to fight for a newly redrawn district, the GOP is hopeful about their chances.

Republicans aren’t just excited about Flores — she is part of a triple threat. Two other Latinas are running to unseat Democrats in South Texas: Monica De La Cruz and Cassy Garcia.

De La Cruz told Breitbart she believes Latinos “are the future of the Republican Party.” She said Democrats have “always assumed” they’d have those voters, but “Hispanic values really lie with the” GOP. She thinks that with the national party behind her and the other two women, they have an opportunity to “educate people in this area.”

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