GOP Lawmaker Warns Americans in Ukraine: “Get Out”

GOP Lawmaker Warns Americans in Ukraine:

( – In April 2021, the State Department issued an urgent travel alert to Americans in Afghanistan advising them to leave the country. In the months following, the department continued to issue warnings that many ignored. When it finally came time to pull US troops out of the country, hundreds of Americans were still there, which complicated the withdrawal. Lawmakers and the department are hoping to prevent that from happening again in Ukraine.

After receiving a classified Congressional briefing, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) spoke to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum. He had a simple message for Americans in Ukraine: “Get out.”

The congressman explained commercial flights are currently available in Ukraine. Zeldin said the US citizens need to use those flights because if Russia escalates the situation, there’s no guarantee America will be able to get its citizens out. He called the current situation “an important [and] serious moment for their safety.”

Zeldin went on to say that although he and other Republicans have been critical of the Biden administration’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine situation, he still wants the administration to be successful. The congressman believes the US and its allies might be able to deter Russia from invading its neighbor if they continue talks. Either way, Americans need to get out of the Eastern European country now.

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