GOP Lawmakers Demand Biden Reinstate ICE Program

GOP Lawmakers Demand Biden Reinstate ICE Program
  • President Joe Biden has begun rolling back former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. 
  • The new president has outlined an immigration reform plan that will give millions of illegals amnesty. 
  • Biden is under fire for not taking action to push one of Trump’s ICE programs forward. 
  • GOP lawmakers are demanding the 46th president keep America safe by deporting dangerous sexual offenders. 

( – Deporting violent criminals that hurt American people was one of former President Donald Trump’s top priorities while he was in office. He seemed to take his job as the protector-in-chief very seriously. That’s why he took steps to create Operation Talon before he left the White House.

The immigration operation was created to target illegal immigrants who committed sexual assault in the country. When he left office, the program was in place, but it didn’t last long. Now, Republicans are demanding the new president do something about it.

Lawmakers Demand Action

Reps. Vern Buchanan (R-FL), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), and 19 attorneys general asked President Joe Biden to reinstate the critical program. Their demands come after former ICE head Thomas Homan told Fox News told agents that Operation Talon was shutting down, according to an email from February 3.

Homeland Security reportedly suspended the program while awaiting direction from Biden. The new president still has not done that. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost called the end of Operation Talon “inconceivable.”

Instead of giving ICE direction on the programs Trump put in place, Biden has focused on pushing pro-immigration policies. He wants to give citizenship to millions who are illegally in the country and make it easier for others to gain citizenship. Republicans are outraged that he is not putting more focus on ridding the country of criminals. Unfortunately, it’s not at all surprising that this is the path the new president has chosen.

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