GOP Plan to Squeeze Pelosi for Relief Cash

GOP Plan to Squeeze Pelosi for Relief Cash

( – Republican lawmakers have been trying to get a new coronavirus relief package through Congress for months – but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has blocked them every step of the way. The issue is Pelosi wants a massive spending package packed with a wish list of Democrat spending, while the GOP simply wants to get financial help to hard-pressed American workers. Now, a Republican senator says the party’s new strategy is to split the speaker off from House Democrats who are vulnerable to voters unhappy about the delay in their stimulus cash.

Pelosi says she wants to agree to a package – but in reality, she’s blocking anything that doesn’t include a host of extra giveaways to traditional Dem voters. The total spending she wants amounts to over $2 trillion, and the country just can’t afford that. Hopefully, something will get passed soon with a new strategy.

The Senate majority leadership is now hoping that up to 23 moderate Democrats can be peeled away from Pelosi’s House majority. Several Dem representatives are getting worried at the failure to reach a deal, and the GOP hopes her stubbornness will push them to support a more affordable package submitted by the Republicans.

The alternative is a government shutdown with the country still hit by the twin threats of coronavirus and left-wing violence.

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