GOP Pushing Incentive to Get Americans Back to Work

GOP Pushing Incentive to Get Americans Back to Work

( – More than 20 Republican-led states have announced they’re ending the enhanced unemployment benefits provided by the COVID-19 stimulus plan. The GOP believes the extra $300 weekly bonuses are disincentivizing work. Not only are they ending the enhanced benefits, some states are actually offering bonuses to people who get a job.

On Tuesday, May 25, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) announced the state was going to give people $500 for returning to work. The employees would have to remain at the jobs for at least 90 days to qualify for the money.

Montana is offering a similar bonus. Gov. Greg Gianforte will give people $1,200 bonuses if they give up unemployment, accept a job, and work at least 4 weeks.

Arizona, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire are also handing out return-to-work bonuses. All of those states are run by GOP governors, except Connecticut. Republicans are trying to get people back to work so that the economy recovers quickly. If Democratically-run states and President Joe Biden took it half as seriously, the US would be in a much better place.

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