Government Insider Exposes How China Attempts to Interfere In US Affairs

Government Insider Exposes How China Attempts To Interfere In U.S. Affairs
  • A firsthand account of Chinese interference in US government affairs.
  • Chinese diplomats have a history of meddling.
  • Democrats cooperated with Chinese efforts.
  • The US Dept. of State pushes back with new rules.

( – The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been conducting operations in the United States for at least a dozen years. Their aim? — simple, the Chinese Communist Party hopes to condition Americans to accept Beijing’s state-led authoritarianism. A former California assemblyman provides a firsthand account of their efforts.

Chuck DeVore’s insider story is relevant today because of a statement issued by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in early Sept. 2020. It detailed new rules meant to curtail Chinese influence operations targeting state and local level officials in the United States.

Moving forward, PRC diplomatic missions operating in the US must adhere to the following rules:

  • They must receive approval before meeting with local government officials or visiting university campuses.
  • Cultural events hosted by the PRC embassy and consular posts must receive prior approval if the audience exceeds 50 people.
  • All official social media accounts operated by the PRC embassy and consulates must be adequately identified as such.

An Insider’s Look at Chinese Propaganda Efforts in the US

Chuck DeVore (R) served in the California State Assembly from 2004 to 2010. As he recounts, fellow assemblyman Sam Blakeslee (R) introduced a Tibet Awareness Day resolution recognizing the Dalai Lama for “his contributions to world peace and leadership” in early 2009. The same resolution passed in the assembly with all but six members listed as co-authors of the bill.

Everything started smoothly enough with the new resolution advancing through the Rules Committee with a unanimous vote. However, PRC officials got wind of the bill, and within days dozens of PRC diplomats swarmed the state assembly house in a “full-court lobby effort” to halt the bill’s passage.

Sadly, Democrats held the majority of seats in the assembly that year and were swayed by the PRC efforts. They killed the resolution by voting to send it back to the Rules Committee, a procedure used to halt bills and resolutions. Bear in mind these same Democrats voted overwhelmingly in favor of the exact resolution the year before.

What happened? It’s simple; PRC officials were caught off guard by the resolution the year before, and it passed before they could mount lobbying efforts to halt the process.

As Pompeo explained during a recent speech, PRC officials have increased efforts to interfere in internal governmental affairs in the US in the wake of its culpability for the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, through his decisive leadership at the Dept. of State, the PRC now has to abide by those new rules, diminishing their influence inside US borders.

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