Governor Called to Justify Relief Spending

Governor Called to Justify Relief Spending

( – California faces some unique challenges as the most populated state in the country. One of those challenges is the lack of transparency from Governor Gavin Newsom (D) regarding how he’s spending money to fix the state’s economy. Newsom expects to spend about $7 billion in response to the virus, and the Assembly Budget Committee wants to know where that money is going.

On April 20, the state’s Assembly Budget Committee held a meeting where they discussed this issue for over 4 hours. Newsom was given emergency powers to handle the crisis, yet hasn’t shared much detail on what he’s done with the $2 billion he’s already spent. Assemblyman Phil Ting (D) said he didn’t think Newsom would be getting a “blank check” with no input, or knowledge, on how emergency funds would be used.

Analyst Gabriel Petek from the state’s Legislative Analyst Office, thinks the lawmakers need to be proactive now. Petek asked for the governor’s plans for the coming months and how he will pay for them. Even with this lack of transparency, Ting said the Assembly Budget Committee has “full faith” in Newsom. Meanwhile, they’re basically begging to play a bigger role in the appropriation of resources.

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