Governor Defends Rights of All Citizens

Governor Defends Rights of All Citizens

( – In June, activists in St. Louis, Missouri trespassed on a private street during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest. That prompted Patricia and Mark McCloskey, two attorneys, to walk out of their house with firearms to let the trespassers know they would protect their property. Exercising their Second Amendment rights landed them in hot water and on July 10, a search warrant was executed and authorities seized their weapons.

In response, the governor is now speaking out and standing up for the McCloskeys.

On July 14, Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) defended the couple during a press conference, saying the McCloskeys were within their rights under the Castle Doctrine to protect their property from the trespassers. The law allows Missouri citizens to stand their ground if they, or their property, are in danger.

The Republican governor attacked the District Attorney’s office for allegedly considering charges against the couple. Parson said by indicting the McCloskeys, the DA would be attempting “to take away their constitutional rights.”

If homeowners aren’t permitted to protect their own property under the Second Amendment of the Constitution, what’s the point of having it? The idea that the McCloskeys could be facing charges is absolutely outrageous.

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