Governor Interferes in RNC Convention

Governor Interferes in RNC Convention

( – For weeks, there’s been chatter that Governor Roy Cooper (D-NC) wasn’t going to allow the Republican National Committee (RNC) to fill all of the seats at their convention this summer. President Donald Trump was furious and other states were vying for the chance to host the event. Now, Cooper has made it official.

On June 2, Cooper issued a statement responding to a letter from RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. The governor said he’s unable to guarantee a “full convention” because of health concerns related to COVID-19. In response, President Trump said the GOP will officially look for a new city to host the convention in August.

McDaniel also released a statement confirming she’s looking for a new host.

Later in the evening, the RNC chairwoman also said Cooper has still not given the committee any specifics about what a “scaled-down” convention would look like.

It’s unfortunate that Cooper’s choosing to go this route. A convention of this size would likely bring millions in economic stimulus to Charlotte, NC, at a time when small businesses could desperately use the money. Instead, the governor has chosen to play games and his residents will be worse off because of it.

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