Graham: Abuse ‘Goes to the Very Top’

Graham: Abuse 'Goes to the Very Top'
  • Senator Graham plans to get former high-ranking FBI officials in front of the Senate.
  • Former Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein admitted he would not have signed FISA warrants if he knew then what he knows now. 
  • President Donald Trump has long believed his predecessor spied on his campaign.
  • Michael Flynn is currently fighting for his life back after documents show he was targeted. 

( – Earlier this year, Americans started receiving DOJ documents regarding the Michael Flynn and Russia investigation. The paperwork was shocking. Republicans had long suspected the FBI was unfairly targeting President Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 campaign, but they’d never had anything concrete.

The documents showed that former National Security Advisor Flynn was the victim of a targeted attack by former President Obama officials. As a result, Republicans in the Senate are investigating the former administration’s actions.

A Senator on a Mission

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is one of the most determined lawmakers and he isn’t going to let low-level FBI officials take the fall. Earlier this week, the lawmaker said he’s going to call former FBI Director James Comey and his former deputy director, Andrew McCabe, to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On June 7, Graham told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” he doesn’t think the high-ranking officials were unaware that ex-British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier had been proven false. The senator believes they knew and used it anyway to get a FISA warrant to surveil former Trump campaign official Carter Page.

Graham went on to say he isn’t going to allow “some low-level” employee blamed for “defrauding the court.”

Rosenstein Bombshells

Former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein recently admitted he should not have signed to renew the surveillance warrant against Page. Not only that, but he said he didn’t fully read the documents he was supposed to read. Who knew high-ranking DOJ officials could just skim extremely important documents.

How these people were allowed to investigate the president of the United States is unbelievable. Senator Graham seems determined to get to the bottom of it, though.

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  1. GOD SPEED in this investigation Lindsay Graham..we all know Obama is a Rat. Fueling the flames of racism in this country. Thank you Lindsay Graham for all your exhausting work.

  2. They need to be punished. The DOJ should push it hard and swift. Send Hillary to prison. She is so deep in this and no one seems to care. She funded fake dosiare. New it was BS and also violated national security laws. If a Republican did this the media would be screaming. Her bogus Clinton foundation needs to be investigated. Who has that foundation helped? Democrats that’s who.!

  3. Dear Senator Graham ( I know you will not see or read this )
    PLEASE Get all the crooks convicted and jailed before November 2020. Plus give them lengthy, hard time sentencing. Make them bust rocks with sledgehammers, then bread and water and one blanket on the floor. Housed in different prisons from each other. No contact with the outside world. No Parole, No Pardon, No Getting Out Of Jail Free Card.

    IF the democrats win in November this will all be for nothing, and America will never be the same and not a land of blessings. This will hurt and be difficult for my children and grandchildren and future generations. May The Lord Come Soon. If He does, then the democrats can do as they please with this corrupt old world. But they will face a severe judgment and punishment.

  4. Mr. Graham, When there were 18 persons running for the presidency back in 2016 and the debates were going on, you were my wife’s and my first choice for president. We liked everything about you. Then, you dropped out of the picture and our vote eventually helped Donald Trump become president. Since then, I have seen you on television a zillion times, and you have promised to do a zillion things and put a zillion people in jail. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been one person that you and your committees have found guilty of anything although there is supposedly proof that many of these people have committed criminal acts. For a change, quit wasting the taxpayers money and convict someone of something and throw their butts in prison for a long time.

  5. The ones at the heart of this ATTEMPTED COUP are guilty of TREASON and they should be CHARGED WITH THAT!

  6. Former high ranking officials need to be prosecuted and incarcerated if need be fortheir actions. And realize that what these officials did toward Trump were ordered from the top, i.e. President Obama. Could his and their actions be found to be treason?

    • I don’t agree – people need to pay for their corruptionand treason. The Deep State has been getting away with corruptionfor years and need to be prosecuted.

  7. Senator Graham, my family and I are deeply appreciative of the work you are doing to expose and hold accountable those who have tried and are trying to take down an elected president and the protections of our constitution. Please do not be deterred or intimidated for the sake of the future of this country.

  8. SENATOR GRAHAM, No matter how anyone looks at what these CROOKED people attempted to do, for whatever reasons they had, their actions were an attempted COUP’ of the legally ELECTED PRESIDENT of this Country. That is TREASON, committed by a group of citizens that is punishable by death in wartime. If anyone does not think that we are in a POLITICAL WAR, you are very badly misinformed. The democrats officially “DECLARED WAR” on the United States of America when they decided to SPY on the incoming PRESIDENT and his Administration. You Sir, and our Senate must identify, expose and attack these TRAITORS (Senator and Representative alike), and bring them to JUSTICE for the safety of all AMERICANS and the structure of our country. “EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, UNDER THE LAW” hangs on your actions, the thoroughness, the toughness and the depth of your investigation. Please do not let us down. THANK YOU Sir, and to the others assisting your efforts

  9. Senator Graham, keep digging On Comey , Shift, Pelosi and all of the crooks there. I pray twice a day for all of the Republicans running for office that they will be elected and get the swamp out.I never thought I would ever live in a country that is so dishonest.It hurts my heart to see so much rioting and destruction in our United States of America. God bless America and God bless you Senator Graham.

  10. Please shake this thing from the top and the rest of the rats will fall out. It would be easier to purchase the San Francisco Bay bridge that it would be to believe that the President, Vice President, Candidate Hilary, the Attorney General and the Justice Department biggies did not know what was going on. President Obama is a control freak. I have to believe that he was tracking this thing, including the well worn Russian Dossier from the get go. I want ring side seat when the biggest and the best of these people check into the most secure buildings of our penal system.

  11. Please do everything you can to bring the ‘ Bad Guys ‘ to justice , no matter how high the crime was brought about !

  12. Don’t let them deter you from getting to the bottom of things, Senator Graham! We want you to clear the slate and let’s get back to the right way to run a government!
    Convict the wrong-doers, and put them behind bars…Throw away the key!!!

  13. This goes to show how truly deep the swamp is. Just proves that the city of DC needs to become a ghost town full of gallows or the G. bay needs to be full. Since the house has been voting from someplace else other than in DC it just proves that we don’t need to send them back to DC they can continue to do their voting from the state that put them there. That would save alot of money plus the people who put them there now would have a voice rather than lobbyists

  14. I am hopeful that these people will be held accountable! Anyone else doing such things would be in jail by now!!

  15. I don’t know how to express my deep gratitude for everything you do for us Lindsay Graham. You make a fine president!

  16. Good for Senator Graham!!!!!! Those people should serve jail time, besides having to pay a fine, and apologize to everyone they hurt!!!!

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