Graham Calls Out FBI Double Standard

Graham Calls Out FBI Double Standard

( – The FBI investigation into the Russia allegations during the 2016 elections was an absolute disaster. Every time there’s a new document dump, the picture painted by the evidence is even worse. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is one of the most vocal lawmakers on the subject and recently; he pointed out a huge double standard within the federal law enforcement agency.

During an August 23 interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Graham alleged recently-revealed documents prove the FBI treated Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump very differently. When the agency reportedly discovered one of her operatives was connected to a foreign government, it wanted to give the former secretary of state a defensive briefing before going after a FISA warrant.

When the same allegations were made against the Trump Campaign, the FBI opened a full-scale investigation. Senator Graham called it the “ultimate double standard.”

Why would the Clinton team deserve a defensive briefing prior to a FISA warrant being sought? If true, that not only proves a political bias in the FBI, one President Donald Trump has been trying to tell Americans about, but also that the agency was in cahoots with the Democrats. Now, the question is: What’s going to be done about it?

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