Graham Threatens To Bar Pelosi From Impeachment process

Graham Threatens To Bar Pelosi From Impeachment process

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) has issued a stern warning to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, telling her that if she doesn’t send the Articles of Impeachment against the president to the Senate by the end of the week, the Senate will take matters into its own hands.

Accusing Pelosi of withholding the articles as a “political stunt,” Graham told Fox News on Sunday that she’s trying to exert control over the Senate by not letting the president’s trial begin until she wants it to.

Under the rules for impeachment, the House makes the decision, but the Senate carries out the actual trial. According to Graham, Pelosi is “trying to extort from the Majority Leader of the Senate a trial to her liking.” He continued:

“I think the reason they’re not sending them is they’re so weak, and it’s a pathetic case, and they’re looking to add something.”

Graham says that if Pelosi continues refusing to send the articles, as required by the Constitution, he’ll work with Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to change the Senate’s rules. The goal is to allow the trial to proceed without Pelosi — a move that would virtually demolish the Democrats’ plan to impeach President Trump.

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