“Grey’s Anatomy” Star Reveals Details of Fire

(NewsReady.com) – For 13 years, actress Caterina Scorsone has played Dr. Amelia Shepherd on ABC’s hit show “Grey’s Anatomy” and its now-canceled spin-off “Private Practice.” Every time the television neurosurgeon begins an operation on the show, she stands like a superhero in the surgical suite. The actress recently put her superhero skills to work in real life.

On Monday, April 3, Scorsone revealed her family suffered a devastating loss earlier this year. In an Instagram post, she explained that she was getting her three children ready for bed a couple of months ago when she noticed smoke seeping up through the grout in her bathroom. She said that she looked down the hallway and saw thick smoke filling her home.

The actress said she only “had about two minutes” to gather up her children and get them out of the burning home. Scorsone managed to save her children’s lives, but sadly she was not able to rescue her family’s beloved pets. Their three cats and dog died in the fire. She said they are “still sitting with that loss,” but they feel “lucky” they were able to “love them at all.”

ABC 7 reported the Pasadena Fire Department praised Scorsone for her actions on the fateful January day. In a statement, officials said, “Within this tragedy, there is a beacon of light.” They said the reason the actress’ family is alive is that she made quick decisions that saved them, saying it was her “motherly instinct taking over.”

Scorsone thanked her colleagues at “Grey’s Anatomy” for helping her family in their time of need. She also expressed gratitude for the first responders and investigators who arrived on the scene and the neighbor who “answered [their] frantic knocks at her door.”

Fire officials are still conducting an investigation into the blaze, but they have ruled out foul play.

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