Gun Sales Are Skyrocketing in These States

Gun Sales Are Skyrocketing in These States

( – In the wake of several recent mass shootings, liberals are making a new push for gun control. Several blue states are working on — or have already passed — tough new gun laws. Those laws might not have the effect they were looking for, though. Instead, there’s been a rush of people wanting to buy the weapons before they’re banned.

After a gunman killed eight people at a Texas mall on May 6, President Joe Biden reacted the same way he always reacts to these tragic events — he repeated his usual demands for bans on “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines.” When it comes to Democratic-controlled state legislatures, he’s pushing at an open door; liberal states are already going as far as they can on gun control. On April 25, Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) signed a bill that bans more than 60 specific types of firearms, including the AR-15, from being manufactured, imported, distributed, or sold in the state.

According to The Washington Post, Inslee claims that “assault weapons have no reason other than mass murder” and should be banned — but not all his state’s residents are so enthusiastic about the bill. In April 2022, when it wasn’t on the radar, there were 49,641 background checks carried out in Washington. This April, that number leaped to 71,272. Illinois, which also passed an “assault weapon” ban this year, saw a more modest increase from 35,790 background checks last April to 39,954 last month.

Meanwhile, Republican governors like South Dakota’s Kristi Noem have been pushing back. Noem recently told journalists that her state is “the most Second Amendment state in the country.” In South Dakota, Noem has abolished all fees for permits and has paid the cost of some federal background checks. She’s even banned the state from doing business with financial institutions that boycott gun companies. With Americans moving from blue states to settle in South Dakota, her pro-constitution policies seem to be winning the popularity contest.

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