Hand-Delivered Explosive Leads to Deadly Incident for Journalist

Hand-Delivered Explosive Leads to Deadly Incident for Journalist

(NewsReady.com) – The Russian war on Ukraine continues to claim lives every day, more than a year into the conflict. It’s not just soldiers who have lost their lives, a number of journalists have also died since Vladimir Putin’s invasion began. The Kremlin claims a recent killing of a reporter is related to the war.

On Sunday, April 2, Vladlen Tatarsky was in a St. Petersburg, Russia, cafe to speak at an event. Reports about what happened next vary. Some people have alleged the journalist was handed a statue that contained a bomb. A video circulating online shows him holding a gold statue and making jokes about it. Other reports claim a blonde woman gave him a package that he believed was a gift, but it was actually an explosive device.

What is known for sure is that Tatarsky was inside the cafe when a bomb exploded. The blast killed the journalist and injured 24 others.

Tatarsky was a controversial figure. Not only was he a pro-Russia blogger, but he was also a soldier. He fought in the war against Ukraine. Last year, a video circulated of him announcing that Russians would “defeat everyone” and “kill everyone” or “rob everyone.”

Russian authorities arrested anti-war activist Daria Trepova for allegedly being involved in the death of Tatarsky. According to CNN, they are saying she handed the journalist the statue that reportedly exploded. Her husband, Dmitry Rylov, doesn’t believe that’s what happened.

Rylov was associated with Russia’s Libertarian Party but said his wife was never involved. The party also released a statement saying she was neither a member nor a supporter of the organization.

Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) alleged the explosion was the work of agents who were connected to Ukraine’s special services. The Investigative Committee of Russia claimed the planning for the attack took place in Ukraine.

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