Harvard University Offering a Course on Taylor Swift

(NewsReady.com) – Harvard University is known for offering classes about extraordinary celebrities. In January, for example, Kim Kardashian gave a lecture at Harvard Business about her clothing line, SKIMS, estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. Now, Taylor Swift is in her college era.

Nearly 300 students have enrolled in a new class at Harvard University: “Taylor Swift and Her World.” English professor Stephanie Burt will teach the new class. The professor spoke to The New York Times and said she is a Swiftie. She explained that she noticed that there was a song that played in airports, stores, and other public spaces that was better than the others. She said it was compelling and had a great composition. The song was “You Belong With Me” by Swift.

The new course will pair some of Swift’s work with work by other people, like novelist Willa Cather. The class will examine celebrity culture, adolescence, appropriation of other cultures, adulthood, and other issues, like approaches to Southern, white, and transatlantic texts. According to the course description, the students “will learn how to think about illicit affairs and hoaxes, champagne problems, and incomplete closure.”

The University of Florida is also offering a class on Taylor Swift. That course, “Musical Storytelling With Taylor Swift and Other Iconic Female Artists,” will help students find similarities between her work and that of other women. They will discuss themes like ex-lovers, aging, infidelity, and double standards. UF professor Melina Jimenez will teach the course, which will last 13 weeks.

Harvard and UF aren’t the only colleges offering classes about Swift. The songstress’s work is being dissected at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Arizona State University, and the University of Texas.

The Times asked Burt whether the students might get a chance to sit for a lecture led by Swift. The Harvard professor said she has tweeted Swift, but she understands the artist is very busy. Still, she said the door is open if “she would like to pop in.”

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