Here’s What 2020 Taught Us About Voting

Here's What 2020 Taught Us About Voting

( – The 2020 election results are still being disputed nearly two months later. President Donald Trump believes there was widespread voter fraud in the battleground states. Eventually, those disputes will be settled by the courts and Congress, but that’s not the only thing we will remember about the last election. It taught the American people a lot of valuable lessons about voting.

One thing we learned is that the foundation of our Republic depends on the free and fair elections we hold. If the American people do not trust that the system is working properly, it erodes their trust in democracy. Another lesson from the race is it’s far too easy for states to change voting laws in the weeks leading up to voting day.

Voters got to see what happens when the Democratic Party gets angry. One former Wisconsin judge believes the Left went as far as to intimidate the court system.

Finally, the American people learned their voice matters, and every single vote counts.

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