Here’s What We Could Do to Strengthen Security in American Cities

Here's What We Could Do To Strengthen Security In American Cities

( – The year 2020 brought violence to American streets. Leftist agitators destroyed property, attacked law enforcement officers, and, in one case, took over a six-block section of a city. It took weeks to get the violence under control and left many wondering how we could strengthen security in cities.

The answer seems obvious: get rid of the Democratic leadership that’s making cities unsafe. Chicago, for instance, has hundreds of shooting deaths every year, but voters keep electing leftists over and over again.

Seattle, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are all run by Democrats who saw their cities overrun by far-left agitators. In addition to changing leadership, the police need more funding, not less. And, those officers need to be allowed to do their jobs without worrying that public backlash will hurt their careers. Until we achieve these goals, cities may never be as safe as they should be.

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