Here’s Why Nancy Pelosi’s Future Is Looking Bleak in 2021

Here's Why Nancy Pelosi's Future Is Looking Bleak in 2021

( – In 2019, when the House came together to vote for its next speaker, 15 Democrats voted against Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She won the speakership by a thin margin then, and it looks like she’s in danger of losing her bid for the position in 2021 thanks to her own failed leadership.

Prior to the November 3 election, Pelosi thought she was going to expand her majority in the House. The Democratic Party, high off on their 2018 wins, were certain they’d ride a blue wave to victory. Republicans made sure that didn’t happen by not only holding most of their seats, but winning 15 seats, severely shrinking the Left’s majority.

If you add that to the poor way Nancy Pelosi handled the coronavirus relief negotiations, there might be enough momentum to beat her.

The House will come together to vote for the speaker on January 3. Pelosi needs a majority of votes to remain in her position. If another 15 Democrats deflect this time around, there’s a possibility she could lose.

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