He’s PLEADING GUILTY – All The Charges Were True!

Oxford School Shooter Pleads Guilty To Killing Classmates

Oxford School Shooter Pleads Guilty To Killing Classmates

(NewsReady.com) – Ethan Crumbley is accused of murdering four students at Oxford High School in Michigan last November. The alleged shooter’s parents are also charged with crimes related to the case. The teenager has now pleaded guilty to the murders.

On Monday, October 24, 16-year-old Crumbley pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him. During the court appearance, he told the judge he had asked his dad to buy a gun for him. Crumbley gave his father money for the weapon. Additionally, he said the gun wasn’t locked while it was in his home, either. Crumbley’s parents are expected to go on trial next year, and his confession about where he got the murder weapon could complicate their cases.

Prosecutor Marc Keast described the crimes Crumbley committed in the courtroom. Families of the victims cried during that portion of the trial, and the teenager reportedly kept his head down during most of the trial. When he was asked if he “knowingly, willfully, and deliberately” shot the students, he responded, “Yes.”

Keast said his office had not made any deals with the killer. Crumbley is facing life in prison for each count of first-degree murder. He told Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Kwame Rowe he understood the penalties when he confessed to the crimes.

Sentencing is set for February 9.

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