Higher Education Races to Create ChatGPT-Proof Classrooms

(NewsReady.com) – OpenAI’s ChatGPT exploded onto the tech scene in 2022. Soon, people were using the AI-powered chatbot to look up recipes, help them study, and even write papers for them. College professors are now trying to prevent their students from using the technology to cheat.

Studies have shown cheating is on the rise among students. Study.com conducted a survey and found that one in four students has been caught using ChatGPT. Still, 67% of teachers don’t want to ban the program from schools completely. They recognize its usefulness but are trying to figure out how to coexist with the changing technology.

Computer Science Professor Bonnie MacKellar, who works at St. John’s University in New York, told Business Insider that she is going to make her students take paper exams in her intro courses. She said she wants them to handwrite their code, so she can ensure they aren’t cheating. Other professors are making similar changes, concerned their students could hurt themselves down the road if they don’t learn the fundamentals without the help of AI.

New York University professors have completely banned ChatGPT. Students who use the program without citing it will be treated like any other student who commits academic plagiarism.

Michigan State University Associate Dean William Hart-Davidson said some professors at his school are asking students questions in a way that forces them to “show their work.” Other teachers across the world are asking their students to include their editing history when they submit their assignments.

While some professors are completely banning the use of AI, others are embracing it. Ethan Mollick, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, asked his students to use the AI program, but they had to learn how to use it well.

The professor explained that technology is everywhere, so not embracing it isn’t going to make it go away. However, learning to use it well “requires both topic expertise and skill.”

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