Hillary Clinton to Speak at Major Event

Hillary Clinton to Speak At Major Event

(NewsReady.com) – In 2007, Hillary Clinton threw her hat into the presidential race and lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama. She decided to try again in 2015, went on to win the nomination for her party, but then lost in the general election. Rumors are suggesting she might want to lose for a third time in 2024.

Clinton will reportedly speak at the New York State Democratic Convention that begins on February 16. A person familiar with the plan spoke to CNBC and claimed the speech will allegedly be good because Democrats love her and “it keeps her relevant.”

The news reignited rumors that Clinton plans to run for president once more, although she has said she has no intention of running for political office again. However, two of the former Democratic nominee’s allies published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal claiming President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ sinking poll numbers might put the former secretary of state in a position to make a political comeback.

The NY Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs confirmed people will be speaking at the conference, but refused to say if Clinton was one.

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