Hillary Steps in to Oppose Bernie

Hillary Steps in to Oppose Bernie

(NewsReady.com) – Hillary Clinton, President Trump’s failed opponent in the 2016 election, has stepped into this year’s Democratic race to criticize one of the two leading candidates. When asked if she would support Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) Hillary said she would support him, but she doesn’t know if she’d campaign for him:

Clinton hasn’t formally endorsed any of the remaining candidates yet, but she hasn’t been shy about criticizing the Sanders Campaign. So far this month, she’s called his platform “baloney” and mocked his claim of taking on the political elite.

“He was a career politician,” Clinton said. “It’s all just baloney.”

As of yet, Clinton hasn’t said she wants to see Joe Biden run against President Trump, but she’s praised the “broad-based” coalition he’s building.

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