Hillary Would Support Sanders

Hillary Would Support Sanders

(NewsReady.com) – In an unlikely change of heart after a bitter feud developed during the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton has said that she’d endorse Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) if he received the presidential nomination.

Some are questioning the sincerity of Hillary’s claims be citing her recent statement about Bernie, saying “nobody wants to work with him.” However, she did say that she’d support the nominee. Her desire to see President Trump removed from office seems to be enough to set aside an old rivalry.

Hillary still doesn’t seem to care for Bernie or his supporters, though. She’s openly complaining about his leadership team and the more enthusiastic among Bernie’s fan base. Still, there’s no denying the current lead that Sanders has among the early voting states and Hillary seems to be more interested in supporting the winner than further dividing an already fractured party.

Meanwhile, the president looks like he’s cruising his way to reelection propelled by a strong economy and endless bickering on the Left.

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  1. Hillary wants back in White House
    So badly she would even become a VP however it would be a very dangerous place to be the President.

    • Anyone Stupid enough to have Hillary as Vice President is too STUPID to be President. She’d suicide them within a week!

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