Homeless Man Shows His Tent Has TV Projector, WiFi, and Generator

Homeless Man Shows His Tent Has TV Projector, WiFi, and Generator

(NewsReady.com) – It’s tough being homeless. At the mercy of the weather, scraping by with no home comforts, it’s a pretty miserable way to live. Except sometimes, apparently, it isn’t. At least one man living on the streets of Los Angeles has managed to make himself quite comfortable.

On May 11, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported that a man living in a homeless encampment at Selma and North El Centro had equipped his tent with a range of luxuries. The 33-year-old, who gave his name as Pedro Ramirez, has equipped his tent with a carpet and an air bed. While he’s relaxing in comfort he can entertain himself with a sound system and a projector that beams his TV shows onto the wall of the tent. He piggybacks his Apple laptop onto a local WiFi hotspot and powers the whole thing with a heavyweight power bank he recharges at a local metro station every two weeks. When Fox turned up to report on his luxury setup, reporter Susan Hirasuna found him cleaning the pavement around his tent with a portable vacuum. His tent also has other luxurious comforts, including an air mattress and carpeting.

Ramirez insists he’s doing nothing wrong. He isn’t illegally drawing power by tapping into a streetlight pole, and the metro station confirmed that while the outlet he charges his power pack at is meant for staff use, it isn’t actually against the law for the public to use it, too.

Meanwhile, he says he isn’t interested in the city’s offer of free housing. Ramirez said anyone living in the city’s homeless accommodation is searched with a metal detector and can’t even have a lighter or razor. “I signed up for housing,” he complained, “not for rehab or prison.”

Los Angeles is in the middle of a homeless crisis. The issue has increased by 240% over the last 15 years, and it’s so bad, Mayor Karen Bass (D) declared a state of emergency earlier this year.

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