Homeless Woman Shoots and Kills a Social Justice Activist

(NewsReady.com) – Michael Latt was at his home in Los Angeles, California, on November 27 when someone broke in. The 33-year-old social justice advocate who worked in Hollywood died after the intruder shot him. New details are now emerging about the killing.

Latt was the founder and CEO of Lead With Love. The organization works to support artists and women of color. According to reports, Jameelah Elena Michl, 36, a homeless woman who lived in her car, allegedly knocked on Latt’s door, and when it was opened, she forced her way into his home.

The Washington Post reported that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release claiming Michl targeted Latt because he was friends with a woman she was stalking. That friend, A.V. Rockwell, had previously filed a restraining order against the suspect. In the paperwork, she said Michl worked as an extra on her film, “A Thousand And One,” but when the movie concluded, the suspect began stalking the film director.

The director said she didn’t want to go on a date with Michl. When she refused, the suspect began hand-delivering scary letters to her home, threatening to harm herself. One of the letters stated, “My Glock is loaded as I write this. One pull of the trigger and I’ll be free.”

Michl was also accused of contacting Rockwell’s mother, posting fake stories on social media, and sending increasingly threatening notes.

In June, Rockwell filed for the restraining order. The director wasn’t at Latt’s home at the time of the shooting, according to authorities.

Latt’s mother, Michelle Satter, is an executive with the Sundance Film Festival. She posted a tribute to her son on X, formerly Twitter, on November 29. The grieving mother applauded the social justice work her son accomplished while he was alive and said the family would be celebrating his “legacy, love [and] compassion.”

Michl is due back in court on December 15. Prosecutors are seeking $3 million in bail.

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