Horrifying “Doomsday” Weapon VANISHES – It’s Gone!


So-Called “Doomsday” Weapon Submarine Leaves Its Arctic Harbor

(NewsReady.com) – In early 2022, a new Russian weapon made headlines. The Poseidon is known as a “doomsday weapon” and is reportedly stored on a nuclear submarine stationed in the Arctic. Recently, the sub went missing, only to be spotted a few days later.

On Sunday, October 2, Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper reported the UN sent out a memo to its members warning the Belgorod nuclear submarine was missing from its White Sea base. The international alliance was worried the vessel might have traveled to the Kara Sea to test the Poseidon torpedoes.

Notably, these missiles are drones equipped with a nuclear bomb. The weapon is allegedly capable, according to Russian State media, of creating a 1,600-foot wave that could crash into a coast, destroying it. It can also be launched from any nuclear submarine.

The submarine was later spotted in the Arctic near the Kola Peninsula. Pentagon officials haven’t reported any information on the movements of the submarine. However, they downplayed the vessels’ movements, according to USNI News.

There are some concerns that a possible test of the missiles could cause damage. A seismic shock would likely impact the marine life around the island.

Are you concerned about the so-called doomsday missile?

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