Hospital Workers Start Burning Scrubs After Being Fired

Hospital Workers Start Burning Scrubs After Being Fired

( – Vaccine mandates are starting to bite into our essential services. Recently, New York healthcare workers got fired for not getting the shots. Now, they’re protesting their harsh treatment by symbolically wiping out their medical status.

On October 2, fired health workers demonstrated outside Staten Island University Hospital in protest at their dismissal. The protesters piled up their surgical scrubs and set fire to them, “retiring” them – and themselves.

Healthcare workers helped hold the country together through the pandemic’s peak last year, and were widely praised as heroes. Now, they’re falling victim to the Biden administration’s assault on personal freedoms. As federal and state vaccine mandates come into effect, tens of millions of Americans face a stark choice: accept a vaccination many have reservations about, or lose their jobs. That’s not a position anyone should be in, especially not vital healthcare professionals.

The New York protesters were defiant in the face of their treatment, chanting “We will not comply” and “We the people are pissed off!” There’s no sign of the administration reconsidering its obsession with vaccine mandates, though, so these protests probably won’t be the last.

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