House Attempts to Make US “Carbon-Neutral”

House Attempts to Make US “Carbon-Neutral”

( — Talk of making the United States carbon-neutral has all but taken on a life of its own. This is in large part due to Greta Thunberg, climate change activists and presidential candidates focusing a great deal on their perceptions of global warming. Now, House Democrats have more clearly defined what a carbon-neutral America might look like.

According to the new bill in the works, The CLEAN Future Act, Democrats hope to achieve this goal by 2050. House Energy and Commerce Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) shared his urgency on the matter by saying, “We’re treating this climate crisis like the emergency that it is.”

Some highlights of the bill include:

  • Make utility companies provide 100% carbon-free energy
  • Establish a carbon credit trading system to achieve this goal
  • Reduce transportation emissions via EPA vehicle standards
  • Have buildings use materials from environmentally-friendly sources
  • Have states play an active role in tailoring their economies to become carbon neutral

A more complete and comprehensive draft of the bill is expected to be completed by the end of January.

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