House Dems Fight Against Right-to-Work Laws

House Dems Fight Against Right-to-Work Laws

( – House Democrats are taking on “right-to-work” laws while the Senate is preoccupied with President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Next week, the House will vote on legislation that would override the laws of 27 states who enable employees to work without being required to join a union. Virtually all unions take a cut of their members’ paychecks as a fee for workplace representation. Some demand that their members attend a certain amount of meetings to keep their membership valid.

Many Democrats believe that “right-to-work” laws are inherently exploitative and unfair to workers who might want to join a union.

House Education and Labor Committee Chairman Bobby Scott (D-VA) defended the new bill, Protecting the Right to Organize Act, by saying:

“Under current law, unions are required to negotiate on behalf of all employees, regardless if they belong to the union or not. The PRO Act simply allows workers to decide that all workers represented by the union should contribute to the costs associated with negotiating on their behalf.”

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  1. The right to work should not be infringed. Union membership should be optional.., and should. not be forced on anybody who desires to work without union membership.

  2. i think its a good plan, you should not have to join a union because they have one if you desire not too, and they take alot of the empoyees money if you are a good employee you should not need the help of a union, and your pay should be entie
    tled to the work your doing for the company not the union if you sweep the floor you get a pay equal to what you are doing , not a pay for a tool and die maker for example unions are for employees who do not want to work, and still get paid, and they get paid anyway.

  3. SOCIALISM dictated at its finest ! Keep going you political Kinross….I can see a “new beginning” coming soon in our Country.

  4. I believe in unions to help workers with benefits and wages, BUT, I do not want my contribution going to political endorsements! I don’t always agree with the union leaders and I don’t want to contribute because of that.

  5. If a person wants to join a union, then they join a union. If a person does not want to join a union, they should not be forced to join that Union. They have the freedom to join, and they have the freedom to not join. The Democrats need to quit infringing on Americans rights. We are not their slaves and they are starting to act like we are.

  6. Union tend to stick up for people they like and ignore people they don’t. And to make things worse they money goes where the unions want it to go. I was working in a required union membership place in Michigan a while back and we found out our money was funding the gay rights movement in California. No body should be forced to join a union.

  7. All Americans have the right to work for a just wage. The unions have raised their dues to a level that workers have trouble paying. Having been a union member and a local union president I know how hard low wage families struggle to pay dues. Some union officials don’t walk the picket lines, but they draw a check anyway.

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