House GOP On Alert As Dems Bend Rules In CA Election

House GOP On Alert As Dems Bend Rules In CA Election

( – A senior House Republican warned colleagues Saturday California Democrats are trying to rig the results of a high-profile election in the state. Voters in the 25th Congressional District will vote Tuesday to replace former Representative Katie Hill (D-CA) who resigned last October over a scandal. Now Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) fears the Dems are playing dirty to hang on to the seat. President Donald Trump is sounding the alarm, as well.

California is still on strict lockdown, and the election is supposed to be decided by an all-postal ballot. However, it looks like postal votes are showing a strong performance by the GOP. Now, the state’s Democratic governor is trying to swing that back.

Governor Newsom is keeping stores, restaurants and even beaches closed to prevent coronavirus infections. However, he’s authorized a new in-person voting center in the strongly Dem city of Lancaster. Newsom and allies say they need the center to allow minority voters to take part.

Rep. Emmer and President Trump, on the other hand, say it’s an attempt to steal the election.

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  1. People better wake up. Democrats put 116 congress bill hr 6666 in motion. Please sign petition
    I’m not going to to my person believes on anyone read and decide for yourself.

  2. Democrats don’t care how they get votes that’s why they want to open our borders to elegal immigration and allow criminals to vote. As far as I am concerned Democrats are lower than whale s—- and that’s at the bottom of the ocean.

  3. Get rid of Pelosi and her gang. They are as close to being communist as they can get. They are ruining our country. Take our country back. Vote straight Republican.

  4. The only way to get rid of these corrupt scumbags is vote REPUBLICAN. America first and foremost. If illegals is your bag adopt them and you pay the freight. Stop trying to change us to socialism,progressivism,and communism. If this is want you want then move there you spineless bastards.

  5. What would you expect from the California Democrats. They are working with someone or a foreign government to Destroy the United States from within. After WWII it was said that the only way that the United States could be defeated would be from within and that is what is being done now. Governor Newsom is allowing in person voting in a predominantly Democratic area while keeping other poling places closed. This is a violation of our voting rights and the Constitution. We the people of these United States need to pay more attention from now on and put a stop to these people that would take away our freedom. In the last ten years we have Muslims and a Bar maid in Congress along with a group of men and women that only wish to destroy the Presidency of the United States.
    During the Obama tenor our tax dollars were spent to purchase Socialist programs in other Countries.

    • The Demoncrats have won numerous Election over Republicans by cheating and stealing the election. Isen’t thats what Former President Obama did giving us a fraudulent Birth certificate to hide the truth that he was not an american citizen. Even his own biological older Brother testified to that and showed the world a copy of Obama real birth cert which shows he was born from Kenya. However many people does not know that because evil lying media empires like CNNn,Msnbc, Wahington Post, the Times and many other Trump hating liberal media purposely never cover that and never reported it. These fake news media and the vast majority of these establishment Democrats are lying, cheating scums.

  6. I live in Washington State that has a vote by mail system. It is the easiest voting system to commit fraud that is know in the US. Four counties control our State. Snohomish, (Everett) , King (Seattle), Pierce (Tacoma), and Thurston (Olympia). It does not matter how the rest of the counties vote. In Seattle and the other three counties they just keep finding Mail in c]votes in misplaced mail bags, till they have enough votes to win,. Democrats pushed and pushed, until hey got it changed, by Legislators, not by voters who are CITIZENS. This how we got a slim bag like Inslee, Patty Murray, One of the worst governors in the country, and Murray, a very rich Senator NOW, she use to be a school teacher and ran as the mom in tennis shoes the first time. Now she is a rich, overweight, old hag with no morals at all. Where did she get her Money? From one Very Rich Contributor, George Soros. And other Globalist group donors to her PAC for re-election. And who suffers? The Honest people in Washington State. Mail in votes are just plain crooked. We have not had a honest election in my State since it started.

  7. Again the only way the DumboRATS can cheat to get what they want—-they should have let California be on its own years ago when they wanted to split from the rest of the states. That is one state that needs to be watch vary carefully and everything recounted in the elections. Newson is a low life right along with all the other dumboRATS – Pelosi, Schiff, Waters as crooked as hell. And of course, Maxine said it all when she was complaining about states reopening–they want them to stay closed so we become a socialist country like Venezuela. This pandemic was a taste of what they want for our country. Do you want to live like this for the rest of your lives? Not me.

    • Seems to me they took a lesson from the Republican party from last election the shoe’s on the other foot Republicans don’t like it

  8. I am glad I don’t live in California with it Nazi ways. You have do nothing Nancy lying Adam and crazy Maxie from this state.Nancy and Maxie don’t even live in their district. How did they get elected money and lying that how. California needs to turn itself around and vote all Democrat out of office.

  9. what’s with the Demarcate Voting locations without the Republican Voting Locations in there Districts as well. what the H is that.

  10. “Newsom and allies say they need the center to allow minority voters to take part.” Does he think minority voters cannot figure out how to use mail? Or is he under the impression that the US Postal Service does not deliver to or from minorities? Having separate systems for different races is usually called racism.

  11. There’s only 2 ways Democrats can hang onto power:
    1. Rely on voters who don’t know what’s going on around them.
    2. Cheat, cheat and cheat some more! Like they did with all the lies Schiff told about Trump’s “Russian Collusion” that the mainstream media ran amok with.

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