House Tries to Break Stimulus Deadlock

House Tries to Break Stimulus Deadlock

( – Both parties have previously drawn lines in the sand with regards to what needs to be in the HEROES Act to gain their approval. Democrats want an extension of unemployment payments, while Republicans want protections for businesses as they reopen. The result has been a Congressional deadlock with neither side looking to budge from their positions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), one of the Democrats who constructed this legislation without Republican representation, is attempting to break the ice.

This time Pelosi is moving to approve more funding for small business aid and to tweak conditions to receive the assistance. However, she’s not addressing the bottom line for Republicans and their needs for business protections. While this proposal is related to small business operations, it’s not a protective policy.

Initially, businesses were required to spend their federal loans within eight weeks with no forgiveness. Restaurants, in particular, had to rehire laid-off workers even if the store was closed or in limited operations.

The House is working on a bill that provides a 24-week window allowing companies more freedom to spend the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding. The bill would also remove an old requirement that 75% of the forgivable loans be allocated to payroll. Overall, the proposal is expected to give companies more flexibility in how they can effectively plan to open their doors.

Proposing more flexibility for businesses is a potential start to negotiations, but companies need protection as they open back up. Ultimately, Pelosi isn’t really working with the Republican Party, she’s just pretending to. If she wanted to end the gridlock, she’d actually address their concerns and protect business owners.

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  1. The 3 trillion stimulus is way off. We need to correct the errors of the first packages, forget
    Pelosis ideas of illegals getting more green cards, bailouts for the states who have not funded their retirement obligations for years and are now shedding “poor me tears”.
    Only real covid-19 losses should be considered. The post office has to start best practices.
    stop offering retirement packages more generous than general private sector workers,
    end the socialist give aways of everything free. Pelosi this is not your money our grandchildren will be paying this debt. WAKE UP AMERICA we can’t afford to spend more money in one bill than the treasury expects to collect in 2020 taxes. M Mouse

  2. The USA sends trillions of dollars to other countries to help them but cannot decide how much or if they will send additional funds to their own citizens. Come on, of course, lets think about the country’s deficit. Really? Who cares. People need help now. There will be no jobs to go back to. Some businesses will be closed permanently because of the pandemic. Americans are losing their homes, children are not eating, family memebers are dead from COVID-19 but our President has time to send 35 tweets a day through Twitter and golf. Please vote people and don’t vote for TRUMP. It is clear now that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about poor people starving and getting evicted from their homes.

    • You are wrong, Pelosi and the demoncraps are for giving everything to ILLEGALS. They don’t give a damn about you or me or our children and grandchildren. All they want is power and will step on all of us to keep the power and wealth. Do you think that the demoncraps are for you? If you are an ILLEGAL they will give you everything to get votes and after they have the votes, you could be dying on the streets and they will walk around you.


  4. I know the bill had or has the freedom act, which is tied to patriot act(Agena21); Pelosi put on table last Friday and pulled it; this is all about taking our freedom and force us all to take shots. My friend died of cancer, but they said it was cov-19. His family said they are trying to scare people to push their agenda thru. Don’t get me wrong there is a virus, but no one is looking at 5g.!!!!!

  5. Screwed the system? How about your system screwing us all. True. I’m a Trump supporter and unemployed because Disney and hospitality industry was closed by the Government either necessary or not. I have received only 2, 600 dollar stimulus UE since March plus 74 dollars a week from FL UE because the Feds closed the economy. And let me add PElOSI is crooked as hell. Main issue.
      In March, Pres Trump said he had closed down the country for a possible pandemic.  Then he said, that he would send direct stimulus payments based üpon people’s SS numbers directly from the US Treasury to stimulate the economy.    The 1st payment, lump sum of 4200, then 600/week til July. This was to keep the economy working.  He was blind-sided by Pelosi!
    The Senate sent the bill to the Dem House:  Pelosi flew in and changed the amounts and the distribution method. 
    The lump sum, 1200, would be tied to taxes and distributed by IRS.  That money was to be distributed  immediately to stimulate the economy by the people.  Didn’t happen.  By the time the qualifications were applied and people would receive this stimulus ck the crisis may be over.  Not all SS number would receive it as promised lowering the desired effect.  So yea Pelosi keeps the economy tanked for the November elections.
      Next, the weekly amount Pelosi gave to the states to distribute, or not, by means of their inept unemployment systems knowing full well that Republican run states have the stingiest systems geared to give the least amount of money to the smallest group of people with the longest wait times (my room mate just got his acceptence letter in Florida and he goes back to work this week. So he figuretively starved for 2 months. Meaning also he loses the stimulus money because it’s now connected to unemployment benefits not stimulus Money. So no Direct payments by SS from the US Treasury.  Therefore;  no immediate economy stimulation, and the distribution amounts to less money to accomplish the stimulation. Ultimate result- effect it maintains a tanked economy til November election.  I am  hearing  all the time that Trump’s at fault for not getting relief to the people. Also lets keep in mind that this money was not a Bailout it was suppose to be “stimulation of the economy”  by way of the people through July.(Obama in 2008-9 gave everything to the banking system to stimulate)  It was not supposed to be unemployment checks or tax rebates/credits with state controls. It was to be direct payments by the US Treasury like payroll.
    Pelosi actually achieved everything she wanted plus.  Like a expect Gov Desantis (R) FL will serve 1 Term and he has lost alöt if votes for Trump.  Enough to make  Fl.  Blue in Nov.  Pelosi and a Dem House did this.   Now Dem states are trying to close as long as possible……The 3 TRILLION latest attack is to make the Republicans veto it (it’s filled with PELOSI and company Wish Lists) then the national media  bia spin will be ‘Trump’s Republicans’ hate the lower classes of society. Government is saying how much money they are helping with and guess what they are not backing their word anywhere they are just talk. They do not give a shit about anything other than their own pocket books. HOW TO CHANGE THAT DONT KNOW!!!

  6. I wish everyone would just find out what this house proposal has on it that Pelosi has worked up, there’s more on it that has nothing to do with the wuhan flue and isn’t gonna help any American, do some research u all will be shocked

  7. She’s a pos aided in all the treasonous acts carried out by the all the demorats she should be hanging

  8. Why don’t they impeach Pelosi she’s a nitwit in the public Already seeing how self-centered she is showing off her expensive appliances and expensive ice cream she has no regard for the people in United States middle class and poor people just swept underneath the carpet I think she should be gone also She complains about putting a wall up on a Mexican border but she has a compound around her house she has no safety idea for the regular American citizens I also agree we need term limits on our Congress people the president has term limits why should day it’s time we get to vote on that because they’ll never do it Democrats need to get over their hate for President Trump they lost the election in 2016 and can’t get over it

  9. You rewarded people to stay home. Believe me many screwed the system. Now you discuss rewarding them to go back to work. You never did anything for the workers who worked through this including not supplying PPE. I hope all the workers stay home if there is a second round of this. Politicians are worthless in my book.

  10. I agree! Pelosi and the Democrats are getting kick backs that’s why they won’t do anything for the rest of us. I lost my husband to cancer. I’m about to lose my home. I don’t have any extra money to even buy food let a lone move. Think about the little people first. The first responder are going to get help, they deserve it. But, these politicians are the ones who need to lose their checks, for not doing anything for the rest of this country. America people first!

  11. An easy solution and Check and Balance would be a rigorous check against all Sections of the Proposed Stimulus Bill to see if the money is going towards Organizations, Companies and Individuals that have been hurt and negatively impacted by Covid 19. If they fail that test; Kennedy Center BS, new toilets in the House Of Representatives, University of Pennsylvania, etc, they go directly to The Shredding Machine. Very simple test!.

  12. I am sick and tired of the posturing on both sides. In particular, the Democrats have mastered to political BS about working together. We, as a nation, cannot afford another 3 trillion dollar rescue package. Hyper inflation will be around the corner. Stop providing unemployment ‘bonuses’ that pay people more than they were earning before. Another stimulus for lower income folks that are retired – OK. Help small business survive – ok. But that should be it. The democrats act like this is their money they are giving you. It isn’t – it is ours. Stop the insanity.

  13. There would be less issue between the House bill and what Senate Republicans want to see if there was only Covid-19 related items. What does funding for the USPS have to do with the pandemic? The Dems have publicly said this is their chance to change our country! Let’s help our citizens who need help as a result of the pandemic !

  14. My be most of you don’t know this but the reason it’s getting dragged out so long is because they are making to much money off of this it’s all special sessions just like the Trump impeached they are getting paid extra for all of this

  15. Please ladies & gentleman every person needs stimulus assistance. We were not born w/a silver spoon @ birth. This government need to help we the pple that work, labor during a time of life and death. I didn’t inherited money, land, company, house, nothing. We elected these individuals to do the right thing for the we the pple of this country. Our parents, immagrents worked hard w/little or no pay. Their are starving children & families who don’t know where their next “meal, where will they sleep, homeless, no place to bath, etc.
    I’ve been working sense age 16.

  16. I see both parties have some ideals but do not put their indifferences on the sidelines. The seem very quickly after an election that they work for the people, not the people work for them. Term limits are needed for both parties. I’m a retired Registered Nurse and if I did not work for my patients, I would be fired.

  17. The Democrats have about a forty vote lead over the Republicans in the House right now, so why is there a stalemate if all they need is a majority vote to pass the bill and send it to the Senate? Both parties have plans that they feel would be best for America, but neither side is willing to consider the other side’s plan. Perhaps now would be a good idea to put both plans before the American voters and see which one they prefer. If a majority of the American voters prefer one plan over the other, it is not likely the Senate is going to reject it, no matter who proposed it. That could lead to career suicide for a politician.

  18. And the rich got a 1 million & 1/2 tax break off of the Cares act . That was a waste of tax payer money .

  19. I would like to ask Pelosi, why there are no Democratic leaders trying to calm the protesters actions. Watters is provoking more violence, Omar’s district is burning, where is she? Where are you, are you enjoying the burning of these cities?

  20. the only people who deserve to get a stimulus check should be people who are unemployed because of the Pandemic, who have had their living interfered with, people on a fixed income above the nations poverty level shouldn’t receive a check at all

    • Completely agree… (and, btw, I’m one of those on a fixed income above the poverty level. I would also add, however, that those who are not American citizens should not receive anything, nor should those on any government payroll who haven’t missed a paycheck.

    • Wrong because the stimulus was not suppose for the people’s benefit. The amount was to be spent into the government s economy to STIMULATE THE ECONOMY not to feed the masses that was a secondary effect. Check my other posts. Yes everyone should bee n on

  21. Decide already !! Soon our businesses will be gone, our children will be grown, we will be dead from hunger !!

  22. Pelosi and her ilk have no regard for the American people, only contempt. Only a desire to push forward with the Communist agenda. Treason and Sedition.

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