How Democratic Policies Are Failing the Homeless

How Democratic Policies Are Failing the Homeless
  • Every night, approximately 80,000 people in NYC sleep on the streets or in shelters
  • 3 of the top 5 cities in homeless population are in California

( – Homelessness in the United States continues to be a persistent problem, especially in cities and states run by Democrats. It seems as though their policies are doing nothing to address the actual problem. Instead, they are putting bandaids on them, and in some cases making the problem worse.

According to estimates, more than 550,000 people do not have a home. Of those, about 35% sleep on the streets. Nearly half of the unsheltered homeless people in the country are in California and they are mostly concentrated in four cities: San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Los Angeles. Democratic officials in San Francisco have recently been accused of making things worse.

California isn’t the only state with a problem though. In New York State, New York City also has an incredibly serious problem with the homeless. Like San Francisco, the Democrats are blamed.

San Francisco

Once one of the most beautiful places in America, San Francisco, is in crisis. In 2014, lawmakers in CA passed Prop 47 and crimes that used to be felonies were reduced to misdemeanors. Even things like simple possession of heroin, cocaine, and meth are misdemeanors. Critics have said the law has not only caused an increase in crime but a spike in homelessness.

Former mayoral candidate, Richie Greenberg, told Fox News that San Francisco is “more attractive” to homeless people with drug addiction because they know they won’t be prosecuted and thrown into jail.

Skyrocketing housing costs are also a concern in San Francisco, and so far city officials have not come up with a solution for that either. The city has failed at every level.

New York City

New York City is one of the most diverse and incredible urban areas in the world. Unfortunately, it has also made a name for itself because of the sheer volume of people who live on its streets. Recently, surrounding cities have lashed out at Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio for his handling of the homeless problem in the city.

Instead of dealing with the core issues contributing to the homelessness situation in his city, de Blasio has decided to export the homeless. The mayor put in place its Special One-Time Assistance (SOTA) program. The program is supposed to help families move from shelters and into permanent housing. The city pays their rent upfront for a year and they take it over when the year is up.

Sounds great in theory. In reality — not so much.

A lot of the families are moving to other cities and NYC pays their rent for a year in that city. In a lawsuit filed in federal court, Newark, New Jersey alleges NYC officials are sending their homeless into NJ and violating interstate commerce rules.

NJ claims they did not know it was happening and slams the city for coercing people to sign leases for illegal and uninhabitable apartments. Essentially, hurting the homeless even more by taking them out of shelters and moving them into deplorable conditions.

In both San Francisco and New York City, there’s a complete failure on the part of Democratic officials to actually help mitigate homelessness. For a party that claims they want to help people, it isn’t a good look.

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  1. The Democrats could care less about homeless. They are so busy lying and trying to impeach our president. They do nothing for we the people. Hoping for resolve. Maybe some of the movie stars and rich people could have a heart and help man kind. Such a greedy uncaring world we live in. We are in need of a overhaul.
    More Unity and caring.

  2. I only know about San Francisco. I was born there, some 81 years ago. I have no desire to visit my home town, or deal with what I see. It is too depressing to witness. The human waste, the desperation, the drugged out bodies lying on the sidewalks, the aimless, hollow eyed, shuffling, characterless people. The Democrats? They take all they can, but do not serve. A mistreated place, once an example of civic pride, now a no man’s land. Sad and shameful.

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