How to Mobilize Passionate People to Support a Cause

( – Election year has arrived. Americans across the country will be heading to the polls in November to elect the next president of the United States, their members of Congress, and various other lawmakers. Millions of people are also going to look for ways to mobilize their support for a cause or person. There are a few ways to quickly do so.

The most important thing people should keep in mind when they are trying to mobilize other passionate people is that they have to care about what they are talking about. For instance, if a volunteer is knocking on doors to try to convince someone to vote for a candidate or on a particular ballot measure, but they sound bored while talking about it, they likely won’t have a big impact on the person they are speaking to. On the other hand, if the volunteer is really excited and knowledgeable about the topic, there’s a higher chance people will respond to that. Think about it: are you going to buy the car from someone who hates it or the person who loves it? The same goes for politics.

An easy step for a person to take to get other people involved in whatever cause they are supporting is sending out an email or Facebook message with all of the important information. They should include the contact information for those involved and explain why the cause should matter to them. They can also start a group on social media with that information and invite people to it.

It’s also a good idea for activists to get involved with organizations that are also passionate about the topic they are interested in. Those groups likely already have the necessary contacts and a game plan. And there are likely to be people there who give helpful advice about how to mobilize even more people.

Remember, be open to the advice of people who have been active longer.

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